ESET NOD32 Antivirus / Smart Security 7.0.302.26 Final with keys

ESET Smart Security 7 reliable solution to protect your system and all that is connected to the Internet, as well as any network connects your computer to other devices. Reliable detection of all types of threats and high scanning speed was made possible through a combination of new "cloud" technology and intellectual advanced heuristic ThreatSense.

Antivor: find a lost laptop. Allows to locate a laptop computer on the map and discreetly monitor the actions of criminals. Thanks to a simple parameter settings to ensure maximum protection of information stored on a stolen laptop.
Allows you to designate the device as lost and start automatic monitoring.
Displays the location of the missing device on a map with the location of the access point, provided that the laptop is connected to the Internet.
Allows access to the information collected through the portal on the ESET
Monitoring activity on the laptop
Provides the ability to seamlessly monitor the actions of hackers with built-in webcam.
Screenshots from the monitor collects a stolen laptop.
Saves all the latest photos and screenshots on the site
Diagnosis of protection
Provides ease of installation and configuration.
For more safety, informing about the need to change the key parameters of the system.
Allows you to configure Windows and automatically creates a special account in the event of device theft.
One-way messages
Allows you to send one-way messages to the stolen laptop, thus increasing the chance to recover your device.

Protect your sensitive information from theft. Protects your passwords and personal data from misuse by hackers. Ensures the safety of the use of Internet banking and other online transactions, even while working in a public Wi-Fi networks, and provides confidential information from unauthorized copying to USB-drives.
Personal firewall
Prevents unauthorized network access to your computer and misuse of your personal data.
Management of removable media
Allows you to block connections CD, DVD, USB and other removable devices and drives.
Allows you to prevent unauthorized copying of confidential information to an external device.
Protection against phishing
Protects against malicious attempts to request such information as user names, passwords and credit card data using fake websites that are very similar to the original.
Detection of trusted zones
When you connect to an unknown network proposes to proceed in a strict regime of protection and makes your device invisible to other computers connected to the network.

Stay safe from Internet threats. With the help of technology legendary product NOD32 ESET Smart Security 7 eliminates all kinds of threats, such as viruses, rootkits, worms, and spyware. The use of cloud computing while scanning further increases the level of protection provides a high scanning speed and stability of your computer.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware
Provides proactive protection against all types of online and offline threats and prevent the spread of malicious software to other computers.
Scan to cloud-based
Increases the speed of scanning through the creation of "white" lists on the basis of the information base reputations files.
Check when downloading files
Reduces the scanning of specific types of files, such as files or large files, even during the boot.
Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
Controls the action of the operating system and reacts to them in compliance with the specified rules.

Feel the speed advantage. ESET Smart Security 7 is adapted to work in your system and allows you to make full use of its capabilities. If your laptop is running on battery power only, all complex operations will be postponed, allowing work longer without recharging.
The minimal consumption of system resources
Supports high productivity of the system.
The minimum size of the update files does not load product to connect to the Internet network.
Game Mode
Product ESET Smart Security 7 automatically moved to the background immediately after the launch of a computer game, opening the program in full-screen mode or start the presentation.
All pop-ups, upgrades and scheduled tasks are laid, which ensures high productivity programs in full-screen mode.
Laptop Support
Allows you to set aside all complex operations, allowing longer work without the need to recharge.

Make the Internet safe for your children. Helps protect children from online resources from unwanted content by blocking access to more than 20 categories of web sites and adding a "black list" of undesirable resources.
Parental Control
Allows you to choose a web-based resources from certain categories according to the age of your children.
Password protection
Allows you to set a password to prevent unauthorized changes to settings and uninstall the antivirus program.

"Set and forget" or mood every detail. Decision ESET Smart Security 7 provides quality protection immediately after installation without requiring additional intervention. If desired, you can set up more than 150 product settings to control every detail.
Access in a single click
Protection status, as well as all the actions and tools that are often used, are available to the user from all of the windows.
In the event of security problems, you can quickly find a solution in a single click.
More Search Options
Allow you to customize the program to suit your needs.
Allows you to set the maximum depth of scanning latency test results, the size of the files and archives, as well as other parameters.
Actions after scanning
Scanning is done "on demand", the program prompts you to select an action to perform, namely - go to sleep, restart or shut down your computer.

New in the 7th line:
Advanced memory scanner provides protection against obfuscated threats
Vulnerability shield protects your computer from network threats exploiting vulnerabilities in communication protocols
Exploit blocker protects browsers and other popular applications from threats exploiting vulnerabilities in these applications
Improved cleaning of rootkits ensures that even in case of infection with persistent malware, the system will be restored to a working malware-free state
Device control allows for controlling access to removable devices
Automatic first time scan cleans potential malware on the computer and improves performance of future scans
Exclusions from active protection have been improved to make defining of trusted addresses easy

Year: 2013
Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP/Windows 8
Bit depth: X86 (32 bit) and X64 (64 bit)

Download ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26 - x86
Download ESET Smart Security 7.0.302.26 - x64

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