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Adobe Illustrator CC 17.1.0 RePack
Languages : English. Russian | Activation : Pre-Activated

Adobe Illustrator CC - adopted as an industry standard vector graphics software , widely used by designers in different areas - digital graphics , illustrations and printing - the development of all types of multimedia resources : printed materials , online content , interactive media , video and mobile applications.

Advantages of Adobe Illustrator CC:

Tool "Change text "
Create projects and add them to text using an effective tool " to change the text ." Now with symbols can be handled as separate objects. Experiment with fonts , move , scale and rotate the text. Now you can create work not only with the mouse or stylus , but simply touching the touch screen mobile device.

Images in your hands
Paint brush , which was a photograph . Object , patterned and discrete brush may contain bitmaps that allows you to create complex designs in a few minutes , drawing strokes that simulate natural brush strokes . Whichever brush you may have used Illustrator , shape and appearance of the stroke can be changed at your request .

font search
Quickly find the ideal font . In a palette of "Symbol" font style , type , such as " bold " or " italic " font family name or part of the name of the font. Only those results that meet your query .

Synchronization fonts
The synchronization feature fonts , part of Creative Cloud, change your idea about working with text . With a constantly growing library of fonts Adobe Typekit you can quickly find the ideal font you synchronize it with the system and immediately start using it .

Place multiple files
Import Illustrator in multiple files simultaneously and manage the process with new features . Now you can locate the files ( images, graphics and text ) , scaling to apply to them , as well as take advantage of a new kind of miniatures to clarify the location of the file in the project.

Removing the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Writing the code manually for web elements such as icons and patterns, can be tedious . Now, however, create web sites even easier thanks to the program Illustrator, which itself generates the CSS code even for logos that include gradients. Copy and paste the code directly into your web editor .

Synchronization color
Capture the Point , and you liked color themes using Adobe Kuler application for the iPhone. Publish your color themes in order to vote thousands of other users on the website Kuler. Synchronize your favorite color themes and get instant access to them from Illustrator.

Convert text from point to the text in the field and vice versa
Instantly switch between the text and the text in the field of the point. Converting text object can now be done in just a second, which greatly simplifies the design process in the text layout . Work with an imported text even easier thanks to the format change .

For the automatic positioning of the patterned brushes
Create angles in just a few steps. Create patterned brush in just a few seconds thanks to the automatic creation of the angles , which are ideal for the rest of the design of the stroke . No longer need to deal with tedious creation of special sharp corners .

Application tool " Free Transform "
Improve your skills in creating a design tool " Free Transform ." Move , scale and rotate objects directly on the touch screen of the mobile device . Either use the mouse or other pointing devices to intuitively and quickly transform objects directly on the artboard .

High performance with text
Work with text even create complex designs that contain a lot of text material . The text flows around objects or placed in several related text frames , now updated instantly after each modification .

Synchronization settings
Deliver projects on any computer : Mac or PC. Synchronize the settings of your workspace in the cloud service Creative Cloud, including installation , styles , brushes and libraries Illustrator, and use them wherever you are.

Packaging Files
Feature-packed files to automatically collect all the necessary fonts, linked graphics and report on packaging in the same folder . You can use the package files for easy delivery to the customer projects or ordering on the computer.

Extract images
Easily remove the images that have been placed and embedded into the file llustrator. Remove the files in a few seconds and start editing them . You can also retrieve files embedded in the image , which has been received from another user . Links to the image files will be created automatically.

Advanced features palette "Links"
Now directly in the palette "Links" you can find more detailed information about placed files . All placed objects - images, graphics and text - are displayed in the palette "Links" , where they can keep track of details .

Improved vector tools
Create bright vector graphics for print, the Internet, mobile applications and video. With the tools to accurately create shapes , custom brushes and advanced path controls can freely experiment with complex shapes , effects, and elegant typography .

Adobe Mercury Performance System
Handle large, complex files with high accuracy , speed and reliability. With native support for 64-bit Windows and Mac OS Adobe Mercury Performance System allows the application to receive access to the entire memory to easily open, save , and export large files as well as preview the complex designs .

Multiple artboards
Organize and view up to 100 assembly areas of different sizes , arranged in a cascade or in a grid. Easily add , delete and rename the field , and change their order . Save, export, and print artboards independently or together.

Gradients and transparency
Work with gradients directly on the site , ask dimensions elliptical gradients , correct color and adjust the opacity settings . Use gradients in length, width or inside strokes . You can even create gradients for meshes .

Variable-width strokes
Draw the stroke of variable width , easy to make the adjustment at any stage . Create and save width profiles and use them to strokes - or use the styles of variable width .

Clarity of contours in the projects for Web applications and mobile devices
Create vector objects , which are located exactly on the pixel grid, for the preparation of bitmap images with distinct outlines. Use the anti-aliased text , with extreme precision to control individual frames.

tracing image
Convert bitmaps into editable vectors using the effective tracing mechanism , providing an exceptional level of control to work with colors and shapes. Simple , intuitive features provide high precision lines , precision fit and reliable results .

Creating patterns
Easily create shared vector patterns. Feel free to experiment with different kinds of repeating patterns vector that can be edited at any time to create the most flexible layouts.

Three-dimensional objects and drawing in perspective
Transforms two-dimensional shapes into editable dimensional objects using operations pulling and rotation contours. Add lighting and image of the surface to create realistic objects. Use nets prospects for creating objects in the 1 -, 2 - and 3 - point linear perspective , thereby achieving realistic depth and distance.

Features RePack'a:

full-featured Illustrator CC
interface languages English, Russian
x86/x64 one installer

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